Texas custom Coach Works

RV Haulers for sale ,New and used

Truck re-title service, we can title your current truck as an RV in any state,

​All our trucks can be titled as an RV/MH

​TexasCustomCoachWorks.Com is a custom truck and trailer building company that was set in motion many years ago, through our transportation and consulting work. Over the years, we had noticed although there are some great heavy-duty towing options out there and available, there was still something missing…A type of Truck that was safe, powerful, well styled, easy to operate, maintain, dependable, cost effective and more over and again safe.

We saw lots of trucks with little cars on their backs, and the fifth wheels mounted as far back behind the rear drive axle as possible. Obviously to make room for the secondary car on the truck. Then we saw what it really takes to load, and unload the little car just to do some campground socializing and a quick trip to the grocery store? 

We then built our first custom Volvo 630 with a Western Hauler bed, new cab windows and appointments, a new air ride fifth wheel, APU, tool and drone storage boxes, and TexasCustomCoachWorks.Com was born. We tested the truck in situations where we could set up our trailer and become completely self-sufficient in our HDTV.

You can go anywhere a full size pick up can go with ease and have no issues with the need and cost for another car to go piggy back. In fact, the savings will enable you to get into a larger trailer if desired or just to save the cost and need of making your truck tow something with the fifth wheel in the wrong location when it is not really needed in the first place.

We set out to build a truck that could be driven without any special permits or license, has many options, and can be built the way you would like. We build on all the Volvo truck Chassis’ as well as the 604 we also build aa custom Volvo 670, 730, 780 models – all with many custom bed and hitch options.

  • New and Second-Hand Trucks
  • Accept Trades –  W/ Restrictions
  • Build on all Manufacturers Chassis (Specializing in Volvo)
  • Build New and Reconditioned Trucks
  • Custom Stereo, Media, Video and Navigation Packages Available
  • Camera Systems 
  • Full Line of Interior Work
  • Paint and Custom Graphics
  • Storage Boxes, Drone Boxes and Tool Boxes Alternate Power Units (APU) Installed
  • We Build – Totter Trucks, Horse Trucks, and Expediter Trucks
  • Trailer Saver – Air Ride Hitches
  • Build Turn Key Trucks for the Full-Time RV Community
  • VIN Number/Title Reclassification Services (Turn your truck into an RV/Motor Home)
  • Full Truck and Trailer Detailing Service
  • Engine, Frame and Chassis Work
  • HDTV Consulting and Truck Inspection Service
  • Pickup and Delivery of Trucks or Trucks and Trailer Combinations
  • Truck, Truck/Trailer, Driving, Backing, Hitching Skills Training Available